Some tips for the car trunk organizer choosing

The car trunk organizer is essential for almost every car. Reasonable storage of trunk items can not only keep it clean, but also reduce the vehicle noise caused by object collision during driving. When it comes to the purchase of storage box, we have the following suggestions for your reference.

1. Classified storage and multi-function: the preferred function of the car trunk storage box must have the storage function. The car trunk storage box will store various items such as car cleaning tools, personal belongings, documents and so on. If the storage is disordered, the trunk will be scattered and disordered. Therefore, the storage box needs to be classified for storage, so that it can be clean and have a good mood. The storage box of fuchefang has single-layer small size (one bin), medium size (two bins, which can be put down and transformed into a large space), and large size (two bins, which can be put down and transformed into a large space); Double layer medium size (3 bins) and double layer large size (4 bins, the upper layer can be put down and transformed into a large space) are available.

2. Environment friendly and tasteless: since the trunk can store food, clothes, etc. without tools, it is very important to use environment-friendly and tasteless materials, which is not only an important factor affecting the sense of experience, but also one of the important factors whether the products can sell well in the market. Fuchefang uses high-quality raw materials to produce high-quality storage boxes.

3. Product material is strong and durable: the light items stored in the storage box may also be the items in storage, so the materials to be used need to be strong and durable. Fuchefang’s storage box is made of high-quality leather, high-density sponge, high-strength composite wood board, high-strength polyester cloth, high-quality metal locks and other materials. The exquisite storage box will be your first choice.

4. Waterproof, scratch resistant and easy to clean: the car storage box will inevitably come into contact with liquids such as water, drinks, rain and other sharp objects. If it is not waterproof, difficult to clean and scratch resistant, it will be a headache, so this item is also very important. Fuchefang uses waterproof, scratch resistant and easy to clean materials as surface materials and high-strength composite materials The wood board is used as the middle support, which can be well waterproof, scratch proof and easy to clean.

5. Colorful colors, patterns and patterns: fuchefang’s car storage box is available in solid color, square, diamond and other styles, including black, red, coffee, beige, brown and other colors. You can certainly promote your favorite baby in fuchefang.

The above points are not only the references for you to choose the automobile storage box, but also the standards adopted in our production: focus on customers, provide high-quality products, and achieve a win-win situation for us, buyers and consumers

Post time: Nov-13-2021