Car seat back organizer, let you engoy you happy life from now on

In fact, many times, everyone is powerless. Due to the lack of storage system in the car, especially after having children, no matter how to clean up, it can’t be worth the baby’s 3-minute affectation. Gradually, many people don’t care and let the chaos in the car continue. In fact, this approach is very undesirable. If owners begin to adapt to the chaotic interior environment, they will inevitably gradually neglect the maintenance of the car itself. Basically, from this time on, the service life of the car will be greatly reduced. Some people may think I exaggerate too much, but in fact, such examples are common in life. Today, fuchefang will evaluate the artifact that can effectively improve the chaos in the car: the seat back storage bag.

▲ different from our common storage bags, th car seat back storage bags looks very tall, completely fits with our car seat back, and will not produce a visual abrupt feeling

▲ when we choose car accessories, the most important thing is to see whether the material is healthy. The environment inside the car is very special. Firstly, the space is narrow, secondly, it is in a closed environment for a long time, and it is also a place for the whole family to stay for a long time. If the quality is not qualified, the consequences are very serious. This storage bag is made of leather and Oxford, which is not only strong and durable, but also does not emit peculiar smell.

▲ as a storage bag, the storage function of this product is very powerful. The basic model is equipped with a flat storage pocket, a mobile phone storage pocket, an umbrella storage pocket, a paper towel storage pocket and two kettle storage pockets. The upgrade adds an additional foldable dining table. Such a rich classification not only makes us orderly in storage, but also basically covers the common items in our car. The function is very powerful.

▲ there is no problem with folding the table to put some snacks. With the umbrella storage pocket, we can always have an umbrella in the car, so we don’t have to worry about the sudden rainstorm. The paper towel storage pocket is a very practical device, and the paper towels in the car don’t have to be placed everywhere anymore.

▲ the black model and the black interior look integrated without any abrupt feeling. It is very suitable for vehicles with black interior.
▲ the quality of the folding table is also very reliable. We used 11 bottles of mineral water to simulate the maximum load under normal use. As a result, the folded platform did not move. Therefore, in terms of stability, this product is also qualified.

▲ in addition to putting some snacks, our tablet computer can also be placed on the open folding platform. During long-distance driving, the back seat will be turned into a small cinema, and the driving of the family will no longer be boring.

▲ the whole storage bag is also anti kick design. It has the characteristics of anti kick, scratch, wear and dirt resistance. It is not easy to be damaged and can effectively protect the back of the original car cushion.

Conclusion: from the original intention of fuchefang design, we not only hope to be harmonious and unified with the interior of the original car to a great extent, so as to present an elegant temperament with leather and Oxford materials. Even putting aside its practicality, it can be called an excellent ornament.

Fuchangfang also hopes that this storage bag is fully functional, and the storage module is enough for us to tidy up our car in order.
The maintenance of a car should start with the cleanliness of the interior environment. Fuchefang hopes that this car seat back storage bag can give you a new choice.

Post time: Nov-13-2021